Definition and History of Kebaya

Definition and History of Kebaya. Kebaya is a traditional blouse worn by Indonesian women made of thin material worn with a sarong, batik, or other traditional knitted clothes such as songket with colorful motifs. The use of non-patented subordinates, every region in Indonesia has its own traditional fabrics to mix and match with the typical kebaya model and type of each region. The term kebaya comes from the Arabic word “abaya” which means clothing. It is believed that the kebaya originated in China hundreds of years ago. Then spread to Malacca, Java, Bali, Sumatra and Sulawesi. After acculturation that lasted hundreds of years, the clothes were accepted in the local culture and norms.

Definition and History of Kebaya

The earliest form of kebaya comes from the palace of the Majapahit Kingdom, which was worn by consorts or concubines of the king, as a means to combine the existing female kemben clothes, namely bandages and breastplates for noble women to be more polite and acceptable. Before 1600, on the island of Java, the kebaya was a garment worn only by the royal family there. During the period of Dutch control of the island, European women began to wear the kebaya as formal attire. During this time, the kebaya was changed from using only mori woven items to silk with colorful embroidery.

Most of them think that kebaya is a traditional dress that is generally known throughout Indonesia, but kebaya is more identically worn by Javanese women. Central Java has its own kebaya model, the kebaya commonly worn by Central Java women is usually the Solo/Surakarta kebaya model. Solo is an area known as the palace and kingdom area which is still thick with royal nuances.

The typical kebaya of Central Java in general is a kebaya made of black velvet, brocade, or nylon. Today, long kebaya clothes are clothes for wedding ceremonies. The long kebaya is mostly made of black or dark red velvet, which is decorated with gold ribbons on the edges of the clothes. Besides being used by the bride and groom at the wedding ceremony, it is not uncommon for guests who come to wear kebaya, both adults and children. Following this trend, many entrepreneurs are starting to look at the kebaya business, especially children’s kebayas.

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