Nearest Kebaya Shop for Kids

Nearest Kebaya Shop for Kids

Nearest Kebaya Shop for Kids. Kebaya is part of Indonesian culture that has a magical allure, maybe because of its long history or maybe because of what it is. Whatever the variation, women transform into more graceful and beautiful when wearing a kebaya. In the past, the kebaya was worn every day to attend formal events as well as for everyday wear complete with a setagen wrapped between the waist and hips, cloth as a bottom, and additional scarves and buns for formal events.

Just like countries and humans, as the times change, the kebaya never stops growing and is always evolving. In the past, the kebaya was shaped like a blouse with a material not far from cotton or silk, while now the kebaya has been acculturated with many influences, such as Europe, China, India, and certain regional cultures in Indonesia. As a result, kebaya in its simplicity will continue to survive because it has become part of the traditions and daily lifestyle of Indonesian people. It’s not always about the kebaya model that follows the trend, the kebaya is a fashion product that is flexibly able to display beauty and simplicity, after combining with various elements of makeup and accessories.

Currently, the kebaya is one of the common clothes in Indonesian society. Kebaya is not only synonymous with parents, besides that it is also often worn by people from the younger generation. The demand for children’s clothes is increasing day by day to match the demand for adult clothes. Not infrequently, requests for adult clothing models are made for children’s versions, such as tunics, dresses, robes, kebayas, and so on. So for the trend of children’s clothing models also follow the trend of adult clothing models.

The Kata Kids brand itself always follows the times and changes that occur in modern kebaya models. We have several advantages that we can be proud of and pay attention to for our competitors, including the use of premium materials, neat, durable stitching quality, affordable prices for premium quality, new models every month, responsive and reliable admin, and easy to order via Whatsapp, DM Instagram, Shopee, and Lazada.

The kebaya that we produce is specifically for children, but we are also open to accepting orders for adult kebayas. The children’s kebaya series that we produce have 5 models, namely Kebaya Kutubaru Brocade, Kebaya Kutubaru Embos, Kebaya Prilly, Kebaya Sheila, and Kebaya Aira. We serve unit and wholesale purchases of children’s kebayas, we are very open to resellers and dropshippers. For each purchase above the price is different, we provide special discounts for resellers, dropshippers, and wholesale buyers. For reservations and further information, please call 087874567121.

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