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Manufacturer of quality Makassar Kids Clothing. Formerly the city of Makassar named Ujung Pandang was used from 1971 to 1999. The reason for changing the name Makassar to Ujung Pandang was for political reasons, among others, because Makassar is the name of an ethnic group even though not all residents of Makassar city are members of the Makassar ethnic group. The change of the name Makassar with Ujung Pandang was motivated by the name Makassar which became the name of an ethnic group in Makassar. Ujung Pandang is actually another name from Makassar, which was used around 1958 to 2000. The name Ujung Pandang itself is the name of a village in the Makassar City area. The occurrence of the Second World War and the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia changed the face of Makassar. The departure of most of the foreigners in 1949 and the nationalization of foreign companies in the late 1950s made it a provincial city again.

The people of Makassar city on these small islands are mostly inhabited by Makassarese people whose livelihoods are related to the sea. The economic growth rate of Makassar City is at the highest rank in Indonesia. In the last five years, the average economic growth of Makassar City is above 9%. Even in 2008, the economic growth of Makassar City reached 10.83%. The rapid economic growth at that time, together with the incessant infrastructure development that encouraged economic turnover, such as the construction of the Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, toll roads and the world-class Trans Studio playground in the Tanjung Bunga Mandiri City area. Modern Makassar has many tourist attractions that are used for the entertainment purposes of the Makassar people as well as for tourists from other cities and countries.

When talking about Makassar, it can’t be separated from its traditional clothes, namely Baju Bodo. Bodo clothes are traditional clothing for women from the Bugis and Makassar tribes, and are known as one of the oldest clothing in the world. The name bodo itself means short or short sleeved in the Bugis language. The bodo shirt is rectangular, usually short-sleeved, as the name implies ‘bodo’ which means short, half above the elbow of the arm. In the past, bodo clothes could be worn without covering the breasts, but along with the entry of Islam, this dress also underwent changes. This shirt is paired with a matching interior but lighter. Until now, traditional clothes are often used by the people of Indonesia, especially on various occasions. Not only traditional clothes that are loved by many children, but daily children’s clothes, such as robes, dresses, negligee, and others are also getting a lot of demand. This has triggered many producers to target the children’s market like us, Kids said.

Nowadays the demand for children’s clothes is increasing day by day to match the demand for adult clothes. Not infrequently, requests for adult clothing models are made for children’s versions, such as tunics, dresses, robes, kebayas, and so on. So for the trend of children’s clothing models also follow the trend of adult clothing models. The manufacture of adult clothing for children also has to consider several aspects, including the fabric used, the composition of the accessories, and so on so that they fit and don’t seem forced. Children’s clothes must also be available in various sizes and cannot be like adult clothes which are all sizes because the proportions of the body and growth of each child are different, while adults have not experienced growth and their body proportions are not too different. Here we provide a little explanation about one type of children’s clothes, namely negligee.

Makassar Kids Clothing Manufacturer

The negligee is an adaptation of the American fashion world with the name duster which means a long robe with light material and has a loose cut. The cloak, which became known since the 1800s, is usually made of linen and is worn by cowboys as an outer or outer to protect their clothes from dust and dirt. The duster is designed with several models, ranging from buttons, high slits, to paraffin coated to make it waterproof so that it can function as a raincoat. Between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, men and women wore dusters as outerwear for riding motorbikes or open cars. Then at the end of the 20th century, the duster became a fashion item that became popular and was widely used by the American public. There are three models of negligee that are very familiar and become a favorite of women, including the lowo negligee, the umbrella negligee, and the A-line negligee.

Lowo negligee is a negligee with a rectangular piece of cloth without buttons, the length can be up to the knee or up to the ankle. While the umbrella negligee design is shaped like an inverted umbrella because at the bottom it has various widths. A-line negligee has a cut model like an umbrella negligee because it is wide at the bottom but not as wide as an umbrella negligee and is cut to the knee. Currently we sell children’s negligee only for children aged 1-2 years. We have several advantages that we can be proud of and pay attention to for our competitors, including the use of premium materials, neat, durable stitching quality, affordable prices for premium quality, new models every month, responsive and reliable admin, and easy to order via Whatsapp, DM Instagram, Shopee, and Lazada. Every purchase can be in units or wholesale, we are very open to resellers and dropshippers. For each purchase above the price is different, we provide special discounts for resellers, dropshippers, and wholesale buyers. More info contact our admin at number 087874567121.

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