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The nearest Jakarta Kids Clothing Manufacturer. The city of Jakarta has many city parks that function as water catchment areas. Taman Monas or Taman Medan Merdeka is the largest park located in the heart of Jakarta. In the middle of the park stands the National Monument which was built in 1963. This open park was created by Governor General Herman Willem Daendels (1870) and was completed in 1910 under the name Koningsplein. In this park there are several deer and 33 trees that symbolize the 33 provinces in Indonesia. Banteng Field Park is another park located in Gambir, Central Jakarta. The area is about 4.5 ha. Here is the West Irian Liberation Monument. In the 1970s, the park was used as a bus terminal. Then in 1993, the park was again converted into a public space, a place of recreation, and also sometimes as a venue for performing arts.

Jakarta is one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia. To increase the number of tourists visiting Jakarta, the government held the “Enjoy Jakarta” program. Some of the famous tourist spots and are commonly visited by local and foreign tourists include Taman Mini Indonesia, Pulau Seribu, Ragunan Zoo, and Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (including the Dunia Fantasi and Seaworld Indonesia playgrounds). Besides that, Jakarta also has many historical tourist attractions, namely in the form of museums and monuments. Among them are the Elephant Museum, Fatahillah Museum, and the National Monument. Jakarta is also an international city that serves many specialties from around the world. In areas that are inhabited by foreign expatriates, such as Menteng, Kemang, Pondok Indah, and the central business district of Jakarta, it is not difficult to find typical foods from Europe, China, Japan, and Korea.

So far, Jakarta is known as a metropolitan city with all its daily hustle and bustle, but when it comes to culture, it will never end and never die. Jakarta’s many cultures, including ondel-ondel, lenong, mask dance, traditional clothes and pencak silat can still be enjoyed because they are still being preserved. Although it can’t be seen every day, when there are big events such as Jakarta Anniversary, these cultures will be displayed to be enjoyed together. In addition to commemorating Jakarta’s Anniversary, national and international holidays, Jakarta also celebrates days that commemorate religious events, such as the Prophet’s Birthday, Hijriyah New Year, Chinese New Year, and so on. When commemorating religious holidays, Jakartans will celebrate them together regardless of their religion and what religion they are celebrating.

Every religious event that is commemorated requires a suit that is suitable and suitable for the event. For example, when celebrating Chinese New Year or Chinese New Year, people who celebrate it will wear red clothes. Meanwhile, when celebrating Eid al-Fitr, those who celebrate it will wear all-white clothes as well as the mukenah used to carry out Eid prayers. Mukenah is a prayer outfit for typical Muslim women in Indonesia. Actually in Islam there are no detailed regulations regarding what kind of clothing should be worn for prayer, there are only general principles that the clothing for prayer should cover the genitals and be clean from stains or dirt.

Jakarta Kids Clothing Manufacturer

Mukena is a typical Indonesian cultural product, it is said to be the result of adaptation made by the ancient guardians. At that time, the way to dress for Indonesian women was to wear a kemben that showed the upper chest to the head, to conform to the Islamic way of dressing, a simple mukena was made but could cover the entire body except the face and palms. The mukenah model also develops following the changing times as well as fashion clothes and other clothing. From the beginning, they only used one color, namely white and not patterned, but now many mukenah use various colors and patterns such as lace, flowers, and others. The demand for mukenah today is increasing because one person is not enough to have one mukenah, apart from adults, the demand for mukenah for children is also starting to increase.

Not only mukenah are in high demand for children, but also daily children’s clothes, such as robes, dresses, negligee, and others are also getting a lot of interest. The manufacture of adult clothing for children also has to consider several aspects, including the fabric used, the composition of the accessories, and so on so that they fit and don’t seem forced. Children’s clothes must also be available in various sizes and cannot be like adult clothes which are all sizes because the proportions of the body and growth of each child are different, while adults have not experienced growth and their body proportions are not too different. This has triggered many producers to target the children’s market like us, Kids said.

We have produced various kinds of children’s clothes, from kebaya, party dresses, beskap, robes, and so on. Kata Kids’ children’s clothing products are intended for children aged 0-11 years, but we are also open to accepting orders for adults. We have several advantages that we can be proud of and pay attention to for our competitors, including the use of premium materials, neat, durable stitching quality, affordable prices for premium quality, new models every month, responsive and reliable admin, and easy to order via Whatsapp, DM Instagram, Shopee, and Lazada. Each purchase can be in units or wholesale, we are very open to resellers and dropshippers. For each purchase above the price is different, we provide special discounts for resellers, dropshippers, and wholesale buyers. For further information, please contact our admin at 0878 7456 7121.

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