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Kids Clothing Manufacturer in the nearest Medan. The city of Medan is the gateway to the western part of Indonesia with the presence of Belawan Port and Kuala Namu International Airport which is the second largest airport in Indonesia. Access from the city center to the port and airport is completed by toll roads and trains. Medan is the first city in Indonesia to integrate an airport with a train. Bordering the Straits of Malacca, Medan is a very important trade, industry and business city in Indonesia. Medan is also a multi-ethnic city whose residents consist of people with different cultural and religious backgrounds. Apart from Malay and Karo as the initial inhabitants, Medan is dominated by ethnic Javanese, Batak, Chinese, Minangkabau, Mandailing, and Indian. The majority of Medan residents work in the trade sector, so there are many shop houses in various corners of the city.

Medan is the third largest city after DKI Jakarta and Surabaya, and the largest city outside Java. Even though it is the third largest city in Indonesia, Medan still maintains and preserves the existing culture, including the tor-tor dance, gondang musical instruments, bolon houses, ulos, and traditional ceremonies that are still carried out today. Ulos is a traditional clothing typical of Medan, North Sumatra in the form of a woven cloth. From the original language, ulos means cloth. At first, ulos cloth was worn only in the form of a scarf or sarong, often used at official events or traditional Batak ceremonies, but now it is often found in the form of souvenir products, pillowcases, bags, belts, wallets, curtains, table mats, and ties. Most ulos have become extinct because they are no longer produced, such as Ulos Raja, Ulos Ragi Botik, Ulos Gobar, Ulos Saput (ulos used as wrapping bodies), and Ulos Sibolang.

The use of ulos cloth is the same as other fabrics, such as t-shirts, brocade fabrics, silk fabrics that can be used as various kinds of formal and informal clothes. T-shirt fabrics never experience ups and downs in demand because t-shirts are suitable for anyone to wear regardless of gender, male or female, and old or young age. T-shirts were originally used as clothing in British and American soldiers in the 19th to early 20th centuries. The origin of its English name, T-shirt, is not known for certain. The most commonly accepted theory is that the name T-shirt comes from its shape resembling the letter “T”, or because military forces often use this type of clothing as a “training shirt”. The general public is not familiar with the use of t-shirts or T-shirts in everyday life. In fact, soldiers who use T-shirts without this design only use them when the weather is hot or activities that do not use uniforms. At that time, the colors and shapes (models) were the same. That is, the object is white, and there is no variation in size, collar and arm circumference.

In Indonesia, it is said, the entry of this object because it was brought by the Dutch. But at that time the development was not rapid, because this object had a high level of prestige value, and in Indonesia the spinning technology was not yet advanced. As a result, this item is an expensive item. In the 1980s, the world of T-shirts was dominated by the creative industry. There are well-known brands such as C59 from Bandung, JOGER from Bali, and DAGADU from Yogyakarta. These t-shirts are known for their unique and attractive designs. Most t-shirts are used as raw materials to make plain t-shirts without collars, pockets and buttons, but it is not uncommon for t-shirts to be used as raw materials for making polo shirts using collars and buttons or can also be used to make negligee, pajamas, one set and so on. etc. The negligee that uses t-shirt material has many enthusiasts because the t-shirt fabric easily absorbs sweat and is comfortable to use for activities. The Kata Kids brand does not miss the rising trend by making and selling negligee, pajama, and one set products made from t-shirts.

Medan Kids Clothing Manufacturer

Today, the demand for children’s clothes is increasing day by day to match the demand for adult clothes. Not infrequently, requests for adult clothing models are made for children’s versions, such as tunics, dresses, robes, kebayas, and so on. So for the trend of children’s clothing models also follow the trend of adult clothing models. The manufacture of adult clothing for children also has to consider several aspects, including the fabric used, the composition of the accessories, and so on so that they fit and don’t seem forced. Children’s clothes must also be available in various sizes and cannot be like adult clothes which are all sizes because the proportions of the body and growth of each child are different, while adults have not experienced growth and their body proportions are not too different.

We have several advantages that we can be proud of and pay attention to for our competitors, including the use of premium materials, neat, durable stitching quality, affordable prices for premium quality, new models every month, responsive and reliable admin, and easy to order via Whatsapp, DM Instagram, Shopee, and Lazada. Kata Kids’ children’s clothing products are intended for children aged 0-11 years, but we are also open to accepting orders for adults. Each purchase can be in units or wholesale, we are very open to resellers and dropshippers. For each purchase above the price is different, we provide special discounts for resellers, dropshippers, and wholesale buyers. For orders and more info contact our admin at 0878 7456 7121.

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