Kebaya Brocade Manufacturer in Aceh

Kebaya Brocade Manufacturer in Aceh

Producers of high quality Kebaya Brocade in Aceh. Aceh is one of the provinces in Indonesia which is given the status of a special region and is also given special autonomy. Aceh is located at the northern tip of the island of Sumatra and is the westernmost province in Indonesia. It is located close to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India and is separated by the Andaman Sea. Aceh is bordered by the Bay of Bengal to the north, the Indian Ocean to the west, the Malacca Strait to the east, and North Sumatra to the southeast and south. Aceh’s history has been marked by political freedom and strong resistance to foreign control, including the former Dutch colonialists and the Indonesian government.

In addition to regional languages, traditional clothing is also an identity of national pride or the identity of a region. So do not be surprised, if traditional clothes are often used in important events with the aim of representing the culture or identity of certain ethnic groups, such as the city of Veranda of Mecca, Aceh which has a traditional dress called Ulee Balang. Ulee Balang’s traditional clothes were originally only worn by the royal family, now these traditional clothes are Acehnese traditional clothes and are used for traditional ceremonies. Traditional clothing in the current era is commonly used in various occasions and events, ranging from traditional ceremonies, events to celebrate independence, Kartini, to weddings and graduations.

Consumers who use traditional clothing for some of the events above are not only adults but children from the age of 0-11 years also contribute to being consumers who use traditional clothing to celebrate with adults. The use of children’s traditional clothes are usually worn for sarimbitan or uniforms with fathers and other adults. Seeing the opportunities above where traditional clothing is still needed on various occasions, such as some of the events mentioned above, clothing manufacturers are competing to meet market demand. Not only traditional clothes that are loved by many children, but daily children’s clothes, such as robes, dresses, negligee, and others are also getting a lot of interest. The Kata Kids brand does not miss the rising trend by making and selling brocade kebaya products.

Kebaya is a traditional blouse worn by Indonesian women made of thin material worn with a sarong, batik, or other traditional knitted clothes such as songket with colorful motifs. The use of non-patented subordinates, every region in Indonesia has its own traditional fabrics to mix and match with the typical kebaya model and type of each region. The typical kebaya of Central Java in general is a kebaya made of black velvet, brocade, or nylon. Central Java has its own kebaya model, the kebaya commonly worn by Central Java women is usually the Solo/Surakarta kebaya model. Solo is an area known as the palace and kingdom area which is still thick with royal nuances.

Brocade kebaya is on the rise because it is much loved by adult women and children. Nowadays, brocade fabric is widely used as a mixed fabric in making clothes, both formal and non-formal clothes. The motive is simple but gives an elegant impression is one of the reasons. The manufacture of adult clothing for children must also consider several aspects, including the fabric used, the composition of the accessories, and so on so that they fit and don’t seem forced. Children’s clothes must also be available in various sizes and cannot be like adult clothes which are all sizes because the body proportions and growth of each child are different, while adults have not experienced growth and their body proportions are not too different. Manufacturers who make children’s clothes must also pay attention to various things, including various sizes, comfortable fabrics, and models of children’s clothes that can be comfortable when used to play.

We as a manufacturer of children’s clothes have produced various kinds of children’s clothes, from kebaya, party dresses, beskap, robes, and so on. The children’s clothing products that we produce have several advantages that our competitors can be proud of and pay attention to, including the use of premium materials, neat, durable stitching quality, affordable prices for premium quality, new models every month, admin who responsive and reliable, and easy to order. In this article, we will explain a little about our best seller series, namely the kebaya, which is never empty of fans. The series of children’s brocade kebaya clothes that we produce have 5 models, namely the Kutubaru Brocade Kebaya, Prilly’s Kebaya, Aira’s Kebaya, Maheswari’s Kebaya, and Sheila’s Kebaya.

The Kutubaru Brocade Kebaya has the basic ingredients of corneli brocade fabric and SPTI puring fabric with a kutubaru kebaya pattern. Kutubaru brocade kebaya design uses a kubaru kebaya design, namely a kebaya with a collar shape which is bridged by a rectangular panel from the chest to the upper waist. Kebaya Prilly is a kebaya made from corneli brocade fabric with SPTI puring cloth. Our prilly kebaya design combines the kutebaru kebaya design and ruffles at the waist. Kebaya Aira uses a modern kubaya kebaya design which we modified in several parts, such as the sleeves, the skirt, and the basic material. In general, the Kutubaru kebaya uses embossed cotton or brocade, but Aira’s Kebaya uses toyobo cotton and corneli brocade on the bef and sleeves.

Kebaya Maheswari is a kebaya that was upgraded from the Kebaya Prilly model, the difference is in the type of sleeve used and the addition of the basic material of tille dotty fabric on the rempel. Kebaya Sheila is a modern children’s kebaya that uses corneli brocade and SPTI puring fabric as the basic ingredients. Sheila’s Kebaya design uses a combination of a plain simple top design and a slanted ruffle design at the bottom. The Kata Kids series of brocade kebaya products are intended for children aged 0-11 years, but we are also open to accepting orders for adults. Every purchase can be in units or wholesale, we are very open to resellers and dropshippers. For each purchase above the price is different, we provide special discounts for resellers, dropshippers, and wholesale buyers. For orders and further information contact our admin at 087874567121.

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