Kebaya Brocade Manufacturer in Bengkulu

The biggest Manufacturer of Brocade Kebaya in Bengkulu. In the early 17th century, the Bengkulu area was under the influence of the Banten kingdom and the rulers of the Minangkabau. The arrival of Europeans to the Indonesian archipelago was caused by the desire to obtain spices directly from the source. One of the sought-after spices is pepper. One of the areas where pepper is grown is the southern part of the island of Sumatra. In a number of European countries airlines have been established whose purpose is to source spices and sell them on the European market. The Dutch founded the VOC or Verenigde Oost Indië Compagnie or “union airline for the East Indies”. The British founded the East India Company or “airline for the East Indies”.

In addition to regional languages, traditional clothing is also an identity of national pride or the identity of a region. So do not be surprised, if traditional clothing is often used in important events with the aim of representing the culture or identity of certain ethnic groups, such as the city of Bengkulu which has a traditional dress called Rejang Lenong. The Rejang Lenong shirt has a mix of cultures from Jambi Malay, Riau, Deli, Palembang, and Lampung. So that Bengkulu traditional clothes have uniqueness and characteristics. These clothes are usually used for bridal attire in weddings, as well as traditional dance attire for festivals and welcoming special events. Traditional clothing in the current era is commonly used in various occasions and events, ranging from traditional ceremonies, events to celebrate independence, Kartini, to weddings and graduations.

Consumers who use traditional clothing for some of the events above are not only adults but children from 0-11 years old also take part in being consumers who use traditional clothing to celebrate with adults. The use of children’s traditional clothes are usually worn for sarimbitan or uniforms with fathers and other adults. Seeing the opportunities above where traditional clothing is still needed on various occasions, such as some of the events mentioned above, clothing manufacturers are competing to meet market demand. Not only traditional clothes that are loved by many children, but daily children’s clothes, such as robes, dresses, negligee, and others are also getting a lot of interest. Brocade fabrics are widely used as mixed fabrics in making clothes, both formal and non-formal. The motive is simple but gives an elegant impression is one of the reasons.

We as a manufacturer of children’s clothes have produced various kinds of children’s clothes, from kebaya, party dresses, beskap, robes, and so on. The children’s clothing products that we produce have several advantages that our competitors can be proud of and pay attention to, including the use of premium materials, neat, durable stitching quality, affordable prices for premium quality, new models every month, admin who responsive and reliable, and easy to order. In this article, we will explain a little about our best seller series, namely the kebaya, which is never empty of fans. The series of children’s brocade kebaya clothes that we produce have 5 models, namely the Kutubaru Brocade Kebaya, Prilly’s Kebaya, Aira’s Kebaya, Maheswari’s Kebaya, and Sheila’s Kebaya. Here we explain the characteristics of one of our kebaya series

Brocade Kutubaru Kebaya

Kebaya Brocade Manufacturer in Bengkulu

Made from corneli brocade fabric and SPTI puring cloth with a kutebaru kebaya pattern, this product has become one of our store’s best sellers because of its simple design but gives a luxurious and elegant impression. Brocade fabric or brocade comes from Italy in the 17th century, which means it is a clothing material (fabric) that has an embossed texture. Meanwhile, SPTI fabric is a kind of synthetic fabric which is made by weaving with a plain cross technique. This fabric is sold at a cheaper price than ero fabric because it contains more polyester. Kutubaru brocade kebaya design uses a kubaru kebaya design, namely a kebaya with a collar shape which is bridged by a rectangular panel from the chest to the upper waist.

The panels and collar are then secured with small buttons hidden under the collar. The type of collar model that we use is a square neck with the aim of balancing the upper and lower shoulders to make it more proportional. For this type of sleeve, we use custom sleeves, the ends of the sleeves are in 2 models, namely retaining the crank brocade or brocade edges and folding the ends. We free consumers to choose the end of the sleeve model from the two options above. For the bottom of the skirt, we use a span skirt design, for the basic material we use 3 kinds of fabric, namely Jagat batik cloth, machete batik cloth, and Prada batik cloth. There are quite a number of color variants that we offer, including Pink, Pink Fanta, Electric Blue, Navy, Bottle Green, Tosca Green, Lavender Purple, Gold, Peach, Black, White, and Milk Chocolate.

As a manufacturer of children’s clothes, we do not only produce brocade kebaya, but there are many other children’s clothing products including dresses, beskap, children’s daily clothes such as shirts, negligee, one set and so on. Kata Kids’ children’s clothing products are intended for children aged 0-11 years, but we are also open to accepting orders for adults. We have several advantages that we can be proud of and pay attention to for our competitors, including the use of premium materials, neat, durable sewing quality, affordable prices for premium quality, new models every month, responsive and reliable admin, and easy to order via Whatsapp, DM Instagram, Shopee, and Lazada. We accept orders in small and large parties, contact us to order or just ask at number 087874567121.

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