Kebaya Brocade Manufacturers in Serang

Kebaya Brocade Manufacturers in Serang nearest. The emblem of Serang City is in the form of a six hexagonal square with the main image of the Kaibon gate and one star. While on the ribbon is written the motto or motto ‘City of Serang Madani’. Philosophically Madani is a form of regional independence. Madani gives a broad meaning to the protection of the community, civil society that prioritizes deliberation for consensus, and is cultured. Serang city is the capital city of Banten province which is located in Indonesia which is famous for its abundant wealth, not only flora and fauna but also the culture that is in it is the diversity of clothing. There are hundreds of types of women’s clothing in Indonesia and all of them can be divided into four groups. The first group is all tribes who do not wear clothes, the second is the Bodo shirt, the third is the Kurung shirt, and the fourth is the Kebaya shirt.

In this article, we will not explain all the categories of women’s clothing in Indonesia because it would be too long to explain all of them, so we decided to explain one of the four groups, namely Kebaya. Kebaya is one of the traditional clothing that describes the identity of social status, economy, to caste. Beyond the image as a symbol of elegance, kebaya is also a perfect visual image to symbolize eternity; something timeless. Kebaya is timeless. Despite its polemical origins, the kebaya has come a long way to arrive at the point it is today. After going through tens to hundreds of years of traveling through the ages, the kebaya has been acculturated with many influences, such as Europe, China, India and not to forget the culture of certain regions in the archipelago.

As a result, in its simplicity, kebaya will continue to survive because it has become part of the traditions and daily lifestyle of Indonesian people. At first the kebaya was used as daily clothing, then because of the increasingly modern era and the kebaya was considered to represent ancient times, finally the kebaya was no longer used in everyday life. Although it is no longer used as daily clothing, in modern times, kebaya is widely used in various occasions and events, ranging from traditional ceremonies, events to celebrate independence, Kartini, to weddings and graduation events. Nowadays brocade kebaya is on the rise because it is much loved by adult women and children. Brocade fabrics are widely used as mixed fabrics in making clothes, both formal and non-formal. The motive is simple but gives an elegant impression is one of the reasons.

Seeing the opportunities above where traditional clothing is still needed on various occasions, such as some of the events mentioned above, clothing manufacturers are competing to meet market demand. As a manufacturer of children’s clothes, Kata Kids is also competing to meet the existing market demand, namely by producing and selling kebaya products. The production process is carried out directly by our tailors at the production site which we always supervise starting from material selection, cutting, sewing, and packaging. We do this to ensure that the premium quality of our products is maintained. The series of children’s brocade kebaya clothes that we produce have 5 models, namely the Kutubaru Brocade Kebaya, Prilly’s Kebaya, Aira’s Kebaya, Maheswari’s Kebaya, and Sheila’s Kebaya. Here we explain the characteristics of one of our kebaya series

Sheila Kebaya

Desain Kebaya Sheila menggunakan gabungan antara bagian atas desain sederhana polos dan bagian bawah desain rempel miring. Kebaya Sheila merupakan kebaya anak modern yang menggunakan bahan dasar brokat corneli dan puring kain SPTI. Kain Brokat atau brocade berasal dari Italia di abad 17 yang artinya adalah bahan pakaian (kain) yang memiliki tekstur timbul. Pemilihan kain brokat sebagai lapisan luar karena karakteristik kainnya yang memiliki motifnya sederhana tapi memberikan kesan yang elegan menjadi salah satu alasannya.Sedangkan kain SPTI merupakan sejenis bahan kain sintetis yang dibuat dengan cara ditenun dengan Teknik silang polos. Kain ini dijual dengan harga yang lebih murah dibandingkan kain ero karena lebih banyak mengandung polyester. Alasan penggunaan kain SPTI sendiri karena jenis kainnya yang halus dan mudah menyerap keringat, jadi ketika dipakai main tidak akan membuat anak-anak kegerahan.

Kebaya Brocade Manufacturers in Serang

At the waist there is a satin trim and in the middle of the trim is a wrap button with the aim of beautifying and perfecting the dress. The type of collar model that we use is a jewel neck with the aim of balancing the upper and lower shoulders so that it is more proportional and equipped with ruffles to make it look luxurious. The sleeves use puff sleeves, which are short, wrinkled sleeves at the shoulders and forearms to give volume to the arms and get a vintage and classic impression. For the bottom of the skirt, we use a span skirt design, for the basic material we use 3 kinds of fabric, namely Jagat batik cloth, machete batik cloth, and Prada batik cloth. For the price we provide, it is available in 5 levels depending on the size taken, we also provide special prices for resellers and dropshippers.

As a manufacturer of children’s clothes, we do not only produce brocade kebaya, but there are many other children’s clothing products including dresses, beskap, children’s daily clothes such as shirts, negligee, one set and so on. Kata Kids’ children’s clothing products are intended for children aged 0-11 years, but we are also open to accepting orders for adults. We have several advantages that we can be proud of and pay attention to for our competitors, including the use of premium materials, neat, durable sewing quality, affordable prices for premium quality, new models every month, responsive and reliable admin, and easy to order via Whatsapp, DM Instagram, Shopee, and Lazada. More info contact our admin at number 087874567121.

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