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Brocade Kebaya Manufacturers in Kupang are experienced. The city of Kupang, which is often dubbed the City of Coral, is indeed a dry area, and during the dry season (±April–November) experiences a clean water crisis. This city is only traversed by a few streams of water which in the new rainy season can be seen the flow of water. The city of Kupang is a multi-ethnic city consisting of the Timorese, Helong, Rote, Sabu, Flores, Alor, Sumba, Lembata, Chinese, a small number of immigrants from Ambon and several other ethnic groups such as Bugis, Javanese and Balinese. But despite the diversity of ethnic groups that exist, the residents of Kupang City will refer to themselves as “Beta Kupang people”. Almost every region in Indonesia has its own uniqueness, ranging from nicknames, the diversity of ethnic groups who live, the diversity of religions adopted, regional languages, and traditional clothes. In addition to regional languages, traditional clothing is also an identity of national pride or the identity of a region.

So do not be surprised, if traditional clothing is often used in important events with the aim of representing the culture or identity of a particular ethnic group. Although it has many diverse traditional clothes, it has two relatively similar forms, namely front open clothing and back open clothing. Right after independence, President Soekarno probably realized this, so he later inaugurated several clothes that were originally known as traditional clothes to become Indonesian national clothes. The clothes that were chosen to be the national clothes were the kebaya and the brackets. Both seem to be clothing that represents the two most common categories of Indonesian traditional clothing; The kebaya represents the front open clothing category and the bracket clothes represent the back open clothing category. In this article, we will explain in more detail about one of Indonesia’s national clothes, namely the Kebaya.

Kebaya chooses a long journey that is slow but sure, not a hasty journey but then disappears. It goes through various ages, time periods, eras and survives. The emergence of clothes that fit, like what happened to the kebaya, was part of a larger social and cultural transformation that was taking place in the archipelago at that time. The transformation was partly influenced by the arrival of Islam, partly by the arrival of Europeans, and partly influenced by traders from various nations (Portuguese, Chinese and others) who had long come. Although not much changed in form, the kebaya style is an important element to show differences in social status, economic level, type of work, to one’s origins. Kebaya has its own function and meaning. At the time of the ancient kingdoms triumphed in many areas of the archipelago.

A kebaya becomes the identity of the user, seen from the material, the shape of the kebaya, the accessories worn, to the fabric subordinates that become a solid match. Javanese nobility’s kebaya, is said to be long, made of silk, velvet or brocade, with elegant gold and silver accessories. All elements symbolize luxury. Meanwhile, the common people’s kebaya in Java is short, usually using patterned cotton. It is not an easy way to master the art of making kebaya. However, it is also not impossible. It took a long study and practice to finally arrive at the maestro level. However, before starting, the designer should have known the style to be created. Here are the steps to create a simple kebaya: Making a Kebaya Sketch Prospective kebaya users have previously consulted with the designer about the desired kebaya.

Brocade Kebaya Manufacturers in Kupang

Starting from the color, material, kebaya style, designation, and others. After these things are decided, the designer already has enough material to be able to express the wishes of the prospective kebaya user in the form of a sketch. At first the kebaya was used as daily clothing, then because of the increasingly modern era and the kebaya was considered to represent ancient times, finally the kebaya was no longer used in everyday life. Although it is no longer used as daily clothing, in modern times, kebaya is widely used in various occasions and events, ranging from traditional ceremonies, events to celebrate independence, Kartini, to weddings and graduation events. Nowadays brocade kebaya is on the rise because it is much loved by adult women and children. The simple brocade motif but gives an elegant impression is one of the reasons.

Seeing the opportunities above where traditional clothing is still needed on various occasions, such as some of the events mentioned above, clothing manufacturers are competing to meet market demand. As a manufacturer of children’s clothes, Kata Kids is also competing to meet the existing market demand, namely by producing and selling kebaya products. The series of children’s brocade kebaya clothes that we produce have 5 models, namely the Kutubaru Brocade Kebaya, Prilly’s Kebaya, Aira’s Kebaya, Maheswari’s Kebaya, and Sheila’s Kebaya. All of our products are available in 5 sizes, namely size S for ages 1-2 years, size M for ages 3-4 years, size L for ages 5-6 years, size XL for ages 7-8 years, and size XXL for ages 9-11 years. The price we offer is also available in 5 levels depending on the size to be purchased.

We do not only produce brocade kebaya, but there are many other children’s clothing products including dresses, beskap, children’s daily clothes such as shirts, negligee, one set and so on. Kata Kids’ children’s clothing products are intended for children aged 0-11 years, but we are also open to accepting orders for adults. We have several advantages that we can be proud of and pay attention to for our competitors, including the use of premium materials, neat, durable sewing quality, affordable prices for premium quality, new models every month, responsive and reliable admin, and easy to order via Whatsapp, DM Instagram, Shopee, and Lazada. The purchasing system at Kata Kids, if the requested item is ready for stock and makes a payment before 15.00 WIB, it will be sent on the same day, if there is no stock, we will make it in advance with an estimated processing time of 2-3 days. Contact us via WhatsApp at number 0878 7456 7121.

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